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As much as 74% of planets within the ‘habitable zone’ is probably not good for all times



Many planets which have the precise temperatures for liquid water on their surfaces was too scorching or too chilly, which can have an effect on their capacity to host life now


19 January 2023

Illustration of two planets orbiting a purple dwarf star


A big proportion of planets within the so-called liveable zone – the realm in orbit round a star the place circumstances are proper for liquid water on a world’s floor, and thus probably for all times – weren’t all the time there. That may imply that we’re vastly overestimating the variety of worlds that might host life.

Whereas researchers usually consider the liveable zone of any given star as being comparatively static, it truly adjustments because the star evolves and its brightness and temperature …

Article amended on 19 January 2023

We corrected the proportion of planets within the liveable zone that is probably not good for all times

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