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Vine-like robotic that ‘grows’ in the direction of warmth may put out fires



A vine-like segmented robotic that’s interested in warmth might be used to autonomously extinguish fires with out the necessity for expensive and complicated electronics


31 January 2023

An infrared digicam reveals how this robotic can develop in the direction of a warmth supply on its proper

Charles Xiao et al.

A vine-like robotic can steer itself in the direction of a supply of warmth with out sensors, batteries or motors. The know-how might be used to create sensible hosepipes that strategy a burning constructing or forest hearth and steer themselves in the direction of the flames.

Charles Xiao on the College of California, Santa Barbara, and his colleagues have created a tool about 2 metres lengthy with dozens of segments. The workforce’s robotic mimics the way in which that vines and roots use …

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