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Wormholes might enlarge mild by an element of 100,000



Wormholes, that are unusual hypothetical tunnels by means of space-time, might act as cosmic magnifying glasses for objects behind them


2 February 2023

Wormholes join two factors in space-time (in the event that they exist)

Kiyoshi Takahase Segundo/Alamy

If wormholes – unusual tunnels connecting two areas of space-time – exist, we could possibly spot them by the best way they enlarge mild. This phenomenon, during which mild from behind a cosmic object is stretched across the object on account of its gravitational discipline, known as gravitational lensing, and wormholes could also be a few of the strongest lenses round.

Gravitational lensing is pretty widespread in area and is used to probe a few of the largest mysteries of the universe, together with darkish matter …

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