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Monk parakeets have distinctive ‘voices’ that will establish mates and foes



A small parrot species is the primary chicken identified to have a number of vocalisations which might be distinctive to particular people, just like people


6 February 2023

Monk parakeets might use vocal cues to recognise others of their social group

Simone Giuliani/Shutterstock

Wild monk parakeets have distinctive “voice-prints” that will assist them recognise people throughout the flock.

Although choose species like people and bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) have vocalisations particular to single people, many animals sound indistinguishable from their friends. Even birds that depend on a wide range of name varieties to speak completely different intentions are likely to sound related to one another.

“It’s hard to think of three groups more [evolutionarily] separated – dolphins and humans and parrots,” says Karl Berg …

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