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Bone conduction headphones make your personal voice sound much less bizarre



Listening to a recording of your self talking will be unnerving – however headphones that alter the sound could make your voice appear extra acquainted and should assist us perceive schizophrenia hallucinations


15 February 2023

Bone conduction earphones ship sounds straight to your cochlea, with needing to make use of the ear drum

Kayoko Hayashi/iStockphoto/Getty Photographs

It’s simpler to inform your personal voice other than different voices when listening to recordings by bone conduction headphones, as a result of they mimic the vibrations out of your cranium that the mind detects as you communicate.

Listening to a recording of your voice can sound very totally different from listening to it as you communicate, as a result of the self-voice you hear as you chat is filtered by your cranium.

This was thought primarily to be because of the bone …

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