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Kombucha cultures might be was versatile electrical circuit boards



The congealed mat of yeast and micro organism cells that varieties on high of the brewed drink kombucha may very well be used to make mild, low cost and versatile circuit boards for wearable electronics and even partially dwelling rudimentary computer systems


22 February 2023

The fermented, probiotic tea kombucha is created by microorganisms that kind a mat of natural materials

Premyuda Yospim/iStockphoto/Getty Photos

A byproduct of constructing the drink kombucha can be utilized to create versatile digital circuits that may very well be helpful for wearable expertise and even for making easy computer systems which might be partially alive.

Greater than 60 sorts of micro organism and yeast are concerned in brewing kombucha from sugared tea – these kind a mat of cells on high of the drink. This mat is often transferred to contemporary batches of sweetened tea, the place it converts sugars …

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