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Timing of expressing breast milk and a child consuming it impacts toddler sleep



Infants who drink breast milk throughout the night time that was expressed within the daytime might take longer to go to sleep, on account of adjustments within the degree of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin within the milk

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12 December 2022

Consuming “mistimed” expressed breast milk might have an effect on a child’s sleep

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Infants who drink expressed breast milk can have disrupted sleep patterns in the event that they eat the milk at a distinct time to when it was pumped. This can be on account of them receiving a mistimed dose of hormones that affect sleep-wake cycles.

Infants are born with out circadian rhythms. They depend on exterior cues, reminiscent of routines and adjustments in gentle ranges, to assist them develop a way of night time and day.

A gaggle of German researchers beforehand discovered human breast milk …

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