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When did hominins begin cooking? It may be sooner than we thought



We all know for sure cooking is not distinctive to our species and that it was happening 750,000 years in the past. The proof of hominins intentionally exposing their meals to warmth is being pushed again additional on a regular basis, finds Michael Marshall


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28 December 2022


AT THIS time of yr, because the temperatures drop, I discover myself craving pies. I don’t know what unrecognised geniuses invented pastry after which had the thought to place a casserole inside it, however I owe them an unpayable debt. So let’s speak concerning the invention of cooking. How lengthy have people been intentionally exposing their meals to warmth to make it higher?

You may bear in mind a current story reporting proof that hominins had been cooking carp fish in an earthen oven round 780,000 years in the past in what’s now Israel. Beforehand, the oldest unambiguous proof of cooking …

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