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Will 2023 be the yr we lastly perceive consciousness?



In 1998, two researchers made a wager that by 2023, we’d have discovered an indication of consciousness inside the mind. Because the wager comes due, how shut are we to a solution?


28 December 2022

Neuroimaging research may assist us discover indicators of consciousness within the mind


Will we ever be capable of find consciousness inside the mind? It’s a query that, 1 / 4 of a century in the past, two researchers aimed to settle with a wager that is because of expire in 2023.

In 1998, Christof Koch, now on the Allen Institute for Mind Science in Seattle, wager David Chalmers, now at New York College, that scientists would uncover a selected signature – or neural correlate – of consciousness inside 25 years.

“I used to be a younger tutorial, I used to be on the world’s finest …

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