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The world’s final X-ray machine will begin up in 2023



The Linac Coherent Mild Supply II X-ray laser can be so quick and shiny that it’s going to permit folks to create motion pictures of atoms transferring inside molecules


28 December 2022

The electron gun that powers the Linac Coherent Mild Supply-II X-ray laser

marilyn chung/lawrence berkeley

Early in 2023, electrons flying at almost the velocity of sunshine in a tunnel beneath California will produce the brightest X-rays ever seen on Earth, permitting us to look at atoms and molecules in unprecedented element.

These record-breaking X-rays can be produced on the SLAC Nationwide Accelerator Laboratory, which has upgraded its Linac Coherent Mild Supply (LCLS) X-ray laser to be the quickest and brightest on this planet. Whereas the LCLS produced about 100 X-ray pulses every second, LCLS-II will …

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