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Local weather cooling impact of volcanoes is greater than we thought



Evaluation of sulphate particles in a Greenland ice core suggests we now have underestimated the influence of volcanoes, and overestimated the contribution of anthropogenic sources


10 January 2023

Volcanoes emit gases which have a cooling impact on the local weather

Francesco Riccardo Iacomino/Second RF/Getty Photos

Volcanoes are emitting as much as thrice extra climate-cooling gases than beforehand thought, in keeping with an evaluation of tiny particles in a Greenland ice core.

Sulphate aerosols have a cooling impact on the local weather by altering clouds and reflecting photo voltaic radiation. Gases launched by volcanoes, marine phytoplankton and the burning of fossil fuels all contribute to the manufacturing of sulphate aerosols, however measuring the contribution from every supply is very exhausting, so there may be uncertainty about their local weather influence.

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