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Why we should not attribute human motivations to animals like bees



Anthropomorphising animals comparable to chimps, dolphins and bees will stifle scientific enquiry as a substitute of encouraging it, says evolutionary biologist Marlene Zuk


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11 January 2023

Simone Rotella

IS PLAY the brand new instrument use? A latest paper recounts bumblebees rolling tiny wood balls, not for a reward, however apparently only for enjoyable. The authors conclude that the behaviour fulfils the standards for play, with one noting: “It goes to show… that despite their little size and tiny brains, they are more than small robotic beings.” Put one other approach, bees simply wanna have enjoyable, and that presumably makes them extra like individuals.

This discovery underscores a long-standing battle in our view of animals. On the one hand, we wish to discover the options that distinguish people from different animals: …

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