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Egyptian boy mummy was buried with a ‘second heart’ manufactured from gold



X-rays have been used to digitally unwrap the mum of a teenage boy relationship again about 2300 years, revealing 49 valuable protecting amulets, together with a gold scarab signifying the center


24 January 2023

The mum of a boy digitally unwrapped in 4 phases

SN Saleem, SA Seddik, M el-Halwagy

Digital scans of an Egyptian mummy have revealed a teenage boy buried with a “second heart” made out of gold, in addition to dozens of different amulets that the traditional Egyptians believed have been essential for the afterlife.

The mum, which had been left undisturbed within the basement of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo since 1916, is from round 300 BC within the Ptolemaic interval.

Sahar Saleem at Cairo College digitally unwrapped the small, gold-covered mummy with computed tomography (CT), which concerned utilizing lots of of high-resolution X-ray pictures to show the skeleton and comfortable tissue, and reveal 49 amulets of 21 differing kinds.

In addition to discovering a 3-centimetre golden scarab within the mummy’s chest cavity, symbolising a coronary heart, Saleem and her staff found a golden tongue contained in the cranium’s mouth space, an amulet within the form of two fingers subsequent to the embalming incision mark on the left thigh, and different spiritual amulets made out of gold, semi-precious stones and brightly colored ceramics.

The boy’s personal coronary heart remained within the chest, as a non secular image, say the researchers, as was standard with Egyptian mummies.

The amulets had supposed protecting properties for the arduous journey to the afterlife that the Egyptians believed got here after dying. “The family of the boy offered him a very expensive level of embalming treatment to be prepared properly and equipped for the underground journey to reach the afterlife safely,” says Saleem, resembling sandals to stroll out of the coffin and a golden tongue to talk with.

Amulets were placed on or inside the mummy in three columns, including a heart scarab

Amulets have been positioned on or inside the mum in three columns, together with a coronary heart scarab

SN Saleem, SA Seddik, M el-Halwagy

The researchers used the CT scans to 3D print a reconstruction of the golden coronary heart. “The large, golden heart scarab amulet is really amazing, especially after I printed it and was able to hold it in my hands,” says Saleem. “There were engraved marks on the back of the 3D-printed amulet that could represent inscriptions and spells.”

These inscriptions appeared to incorporate verses from the Egyptian Ebook of the Lifeless, which states that the center scarab is required to silence the center when judged by the gods en path to the afterlife.

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