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Why vaginal microbiome transplants could also be key to treating bacterial vaginosis



Vaginal microbiome transplants are serving to deal with bacterial vaginosis and shedding mild on the significance of this intimate ecosystem in girls’s well being

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13 February 2023


“I DON’T have to be afraid someone will smell what I smell,” says Eden. “I don’t have to be afraid to be in an intimate position. Bacterial vaginosis doesn’t manage me anymore.”

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) isn’t an issue individuals usually speak about, regardless of it being the commonest vaginal situation in girls and ladies aged 15 to 44. Brought on by a change within the stability of vaginal micro organism, it produces gray, watery discharge that smells of fish. Whereas antibiotics can deal with the issue, for the overwhelming majority of individuals they provide solely short-term reduction earlier than the situation returns.

Now, although, there may be hope. It comes within the type of a vaginal microbiome transplant (VMT). Eden was one of many first 5 girls on the earth to obtain such a transplant. The thought is easy: repopulate the unbalanced bacterial setting utilizing fluid taken from somebody with a wholesome vaginal microbiome.

With early indicators of success, the therapy is now being trialled on a bigger group of girls within the US. The hope is that such trials will result in insights that may assist the hundreds of thousands of individuals world wide who’ve recurrent BV.

It seems the vaginal microbiome is having a second. Scientists have just lately created the “vagina on a chip” to raised perceive vaginal well being and situations, there may be the continued seek for “super-donors” with the proper vaginal setting, to not point out firms providing to check your vaginal microbiome from dwelling. However how a lot do we actually learn about this intimate neighborhood of micro organism, viruses and fungi, and will we actually be swapping it with another person’s? …

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