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Curly hair might have advanced to guard early people from the solar



Within the first research to have a look at the evolution of hair sorts, researchers discovered tightly coiled hair supplies a trade-off of protecting the pinnacle from the solar whereas minimising undesirable insulating


14 February 2023

Hair sort has beforehand been studied by researchers in fields corresponding to cosmetics and forensics, however not from an evolutionary perspective

Mireya Acierto/Getty Pictures

Hair that’s tightly coiled affords one of the best safety in opposition to the solar’s doubtlessly damaging rays, which may clarify why this trait advanced in early people in Africa and straighter hair emerged as some people moved into cooler areas.

It has lengthy been prompt that the explanation our physique hair grew to become so tremendous that it’s typically barely seen, whereas our scalp hair remained thick, is to forestall our heads …

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