How To Read Dm On Instagram Without Seen.

Hi guys. Since you are going   through this page it means that you are also looking for a solution on how to view someone’s direct messages without  seen. As we  know Instagram as most of the other social medias has the feature of letting us know when someone read our message. But maybe for some different reasons you don’t want to reply back to that message and of course you don’t want to notify the sender that you already have seen  the message. In Instagram as in other social medias like Facebook or Whatsupp you cannot just turn off the read receipt.

Are you wondering if  there is any solution to it? Well sure it is.

 Today, in this article I’m going to show you  how to simply read direct messages  on Instagram without letting the other person know.

Firstly what you can do is in the very first moment that you will receive a direct message , you should turn  off your mobile data  and Wi-Fi.  You can read the message on your Instagram inbox  and after that you should logout from your account. Of course all of this should be done while your mobile data  and Wi-Fi  are turned off. After logging out from your Instagram, try to login again and check if the message  is still  unread. If the message on your inbox shows as unread than you have successfully done the firt method on : How to read someone’s direct message on Instagram without letting them  know.

I am telling you this since the first method it is not 100 % sure. You must be very careful  to get it done with success. Even the smallest mistake will let the  sender know that you have read their message.

 Of  course there is also another method which will not require so many clicks and  you don’t have to so careful. Even the little mistake are allowed. 😉    All you need to have is a simple application  which is totally for free.  You can download it in  Android or IOS.   This is now available  for free on both platforms.  This application except the fact that it is for free but it is also   works  for real. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

1- Click on the link to open the app on your mobile :

2- After opening the application,  download and install it on your phone.

3- Maybe it might take 1 or 2 min to install the app.

4-  When you see that the app has been installed then open it.

5- You should  follow the instructions given in the app and automatically  it will show all your messages in your Instagram.

6- You can see the unread  dm but don’t worry for sure the sender won’t be notified that you  read their message.

Hopefully guys this application will help you as it did with me.  Now I can check   all my dm and the other person  doesn’t know that I have already seen them. For me this was the best way to check on Instagram dm’s without seen. 

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