Are you looking around  to find a way on how to   see protected tweets ?

Well, god jobs guys, you are at the right website.  Here we will show you the easiest way on how to view the protected tweets without the need to follow . 

After Instagram and Facebook , Twitter is becoming  very fast an impressive social network, where you can stay up to date on the latest  trends, from art to politic. Twitter is encouraging all of its users to share all public information so everyone can also   be informed about what ‘s happening lately. Twitter same as the other social media networks has featured the trend to make your account private.  Now if you meet an interesting person and you need to check his/her twitter but it shows that this tweets are protected , then either you can choose  to send a request to the person and wait until he/she will accept you in their network , but if you don’t want to add them in your list than let me explain how you can view  their protected tweets. Of course we know what a great feeling it is when you catch what someone has been hiding from you.     


On this webpage you will find the easiest way on how to see those protected tweets . Now you  will be able to check what are their latest tweets and information shared. Only now you will be able to spy n everyone you have wanted to do before


Well  basically NOTHING. Yes you have read it correctly. To check the protected tweets nothing is required. There will be nothing for you to do, you don’t need to install any app or to  add any personal information. 

Is it Legal ? 

Of course it is, there is no law which can stop us. Until now as far as we know there is no low which says that it’s illegal to spy on someone’s private tweets. So you can go on my friends. 

Now let’s check the way how to do it.  

As mention before there will be no need for you to download useless app  to see those protected tweets. 

First Step:  Please enter the name of the account that you need to spy.  ( Be sure you have entered it correctly, you can just copy – paste the  name of the account 

Second step:  Maybe you will also be required to verify that you are a human and not a robot, if this comes up just compete the easy steps and the just wait . 

Third  and last step  : This final step might take up to 3 or 4 minutes t be completed , it means that you should not be worried. It doesn’t mean that it didn’t work, we are just doing the perfect research for you. 

After all of this easy steps you will be provided  with all the information that you need before. Now you are able to see all those protected tweets and the shared info videos etc, that you have always wanted to see.   Enjoy it my friends.