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Tips on how to make honeycomb at residence



Honeycomb, or cinder toffee, is not troublesome to make, nevertheless it reveals the advanced science concerned in remodeling sugar into confectionery, explains Sam Wong


28 December 2022

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HONEYCOMB, or cinder toffee, is straightforward to make, however is a superb instance of the advanced science concerned in remodeling sugar into confectionery.

The method begins by heating sugar and water. Whereas pure water boils at 100°C (212°F), the boiling level of a sugar answer is larger. As the answer boils, water evaporates, however the sugar stays, rising the focus and elevating the boiling level additional. At 170°C (338°F), the sugar begins to caramelise: the molecules break aside and recombine, turning it brown and producing scrumptious flavour molecules.

By measuring the temperature of a boiling sugar …

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