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Faux mushroom experiment reveals why some fungi glow in the dead of night



Why some mushrooms are bioluminescent stays unsure, however a research utilizing LED lights provides to the proof they appeal to bugs that assist the fungus disperse its spores


24 January 2023

Bioluminescent ghost fungus in Queensland, Australia

Juergen Freund/

Why do some mushrooms glow in the dead of night? A research involving actual bioluminescent mushrooms and faux ones with LED lights has added to the proof that the glow attracts bugs comparable to flies.

“The light serves to attract potential spore dispersers,” says Catherine Adams on the College of California, Berkeley. These animals in all probability eat among the spores, she says, however as mushrooms produce billions of spores, they will sacrifice some to assist unfold others extra broadly.

Only a few research have tried to check why …

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