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Sunquakes could also be brought on by bizarre beams of electrons from photo voltaic flares



Mysterious ripples within the solar’s plasma have gone unexplained for many years, however they might be brought on by unusual beams of high-energy electrons fired inward by photo voltaic flares


2 February 2023

Ropes of plasma can lengthen from the solar’s scorching, skinny corona throughout a photo voltaic flare


We might lastly know what causes sunquakes. The trigger of those unusual rumbles throughout the solar has divided photo voltaic physicists for many years, however a brand new research has discovered that they might come from beams of high-energy electrons burrowing by the outer layers of the solar.

Sunquakes are waves within the solar’s photosphere – the floor from which its gentle shines – that ripple throughout the star just like the waves from a pebble tossed in a lake. They’re often related to …

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