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Delicate mind injury might have an effect on reminiscence greater than extreme accidents



In a small examine, reminiscence recall was higher in individuals with extra extreme injury to a mind area concerned with reminiscence, in contrast with these with milder injury. With extreme injury, different elements of the mind might tackle the broken area’s perform


6 February 2023

The hippocampus (orange) is a construction within the mind that performs a key position in reminiscence. Much less in depth injury to the hippocampus has been linked to worse amnesia than extra extreme accidents


Reminiscence issues that happen with a kind of amnesia paradoxically appear to be worse in individuals with much less extreme mind injury, in contrast with these with extra injury. Severely injuring a key a part of the mind that’s concerned in reminiscence recall might power the organ to reorganise itself so different areas tackle that perform.

Developmental amnesia most frequently …

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