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Stratospheric ozone loss by very short-lived substances



The ozone layer is slowly recovering because of the Montreal Protocol. The one exception is the ozone within the tropical decrease stratosphere, which retains lowering. Now, a modelling research demonstrates that the tropical ozone loss is partly pushed by ozone-depleting very short-lived substances that aren’t regulated by the Montreal Protocol.

The Montreal Protocol limits anthropogenic emissions of ODSs. These ODSs are chemically steady within the troposphere the place they’re emitted, however as soon as transported to the stratosphere, they launch chlorine and bromine species that cut back ozone concentrations by chemical reactions. With the success of the Montreal Protocol, the ozone layer is predicted to get well to the pre-1980 stage over the course of this century, and the primary indicators of restoration can already be noticed. Stratospheric chlorine and bromine loadings have been declining for the reason that Nineteen Nineties2. In accordance with these modifications, stratospheric ozone concentrations are barely growing, particularly within the higher stratosphere and the Antarctic decrease stratosphere2.

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