How to Delete an Old Instagram Account without Knowing Password

Hi  Everyone. As it is already known by all of us Instagram is one of the most useful social medias nowadays.  Do you want to create a new Instagram account and you need to delete the old one, or you are just one of those many people who doesn’t use Instagram on a daily basis and based on that you have decided to delete it? If you are looking for a solutions on how to delete an Instagram account , than you have come to the right place.

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To be able to delete you Instagram account first you need to  login to your account. Even if you don’t remember your password for the old account, you don’t need to worry about that. There is a solution for every situation. There are too many ways to help you  to change your old password , reset it and make a new one . Here I am listing the 3 ways on how you can reset the password and delete your old Instagram account. 

Reset it with your phone number:

1-  Open the Instagram  mobile app in your phone.

2- Select  ” Forgotten Password” 

3- Click on the Phone option.

4-  Select  your Country code and  enter your phone number.

5- Press the Send Code  button. 

6- You will receive the code in your phone’s messages inbox. 

7- Enter the code in the  Instagram app 

8- Reset your password and then you can log in  to your old account 

But if you are not using still the same phone number that you used to when you first opened your  Instagram still there is no reason for you to worry about. You can delete your old account even if you don’t remember the password by using  your e-mail address.  

Here are the instructions on  how to do it :

1-  Open the Instagram  mobile app in your phone.

2- Select  ” Forgotten Password” 

3- Enter your e-mail address and then click Search. 

4-Tap on Send E-mail, so you can be able to renew you password.

5-  Click on the link which was sent in e-mail inbox and then create a new password for your Instagram . 

What if you don’t have neither your phone number or your old  e-mail active? Well there is a solution also for this but for this method you will need to have your Facebook account opened.  

1-  Open the Instagram  mobile app in your phone.

2- Select  ” Forgotten Password

3-  Select  Username or e-mail  and fill in the details required. 

4- Press Search and tap Renewal  Via Facebook. 

5- Log in to your Facebook Account. 

6- Instagram will  then display the account which is most recently connected  to your Facebook and will give you the option to create a new  password for your old Instagram Account.

After renewing your password for Instagram  then you can be able to log in to your account  and to delete your Instagram account without having the old password. 


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