How To Delete Fake Instagram Account Created By Others

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Due to the boom that social networks have had, they all want to have accounts with many followers to be popular. For this reason, many unscrupulous people create fake accounts, especially of famous people or influencers. In this case, they are obliged to delete Instagram accounts that are not theirs.

This could also happen to any ordinary person out of envy or looking for trouble. This is a great annoyance because they put photos of you and information that is not true that causes problems for you at work or with your family. Many times they also do it to ask their friends for money.

How To Close An Instagram Account?

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks because it is easy to share everything they do during the day. Millions of people use it daily to share what they eat, where they travel, the places they have visited, the restaurants they visit, the clothes they wear, etc.

It is also used by thousands of new brands and companies to undertake their projects and promote their product or service. It is perfect for creating direct links with customers. But there are always malicious people who want to steal other people’s identities for different reasons.

The best thing will be to report the account so that they close it, and you can not continue uploading photos of yourself and do not continue to confuse people or their friends. It may be a slow process because thousands of new accounts are created daily.

Report A Fake Instagram Account

If you want to delete a fake account on Instagram you must report it, to do so you must follow these steps:

  1. Go to the fake profile you want to report or delete
  2. You must go to the 3 points that appear in the upper right part of the screen
  3. Two options will appear, which are: Block and Report the user. You must click Report
  4. Then different reasons will appear for reporting this user; you must choose the most appropriate and be specific. You can choose to phish.
  5. Now you will have to wait

This complaint should be enough because the algorithms of Instagram verify the information and will see which profile is older, and it will be enough to close the account. But as mentioned before, there are many complaints, and it may also help to ask your followers to report the account for the same reason that you do.

Other factors you can report is that the account is being used to defraud or incite hatred. On Instagram, the following reasons may appear for reporting a profile:

  • Pornographic nudes
  • Incitement to hatred or defamation
  • excessive or bloody violence
  • Racism
  • spam
  • Threats
  • Content that reveals other people’s private information
  • Content that violates copyright
  • Identity fraud
  • Work or school bullying

The more complaints Instagram will notice it, the more easily and the process will be faster. Instagram will evaluate the situation by comparing dates, photos, names. With these steps, it will be very easy for you to close an Instagram account that someone else has created.

If you have this problem, do not keep quiet and report it immediately and avoid bigger problems. It is not a difficult process to perform, you just have to do the steps mentioned above, and you will see how Instagram will unsubscribe from the false profile without a problem.

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