how to delete instagram account without password or email

If you’ve forgotten your password or email, you’re probably wondering how to delete your Instagram account. There are a few ways to do it. One option is to follow the steps described below. Alternatively, you can contact Instagram’s customer service team. If you’re having trouble logging in, you can submit a support request. If you’re unable to contact the customer service team, you can also report a fake account.


Another way to delete your Instagram account without email or password is to report the content that’s bothering you. Instagram will disable your account if you’ve been using it without authorization for a certain period of time. To do this, visit the profile you wish to delete and locate the three dots in the top-right corner. Click on the link, pretending to be someone else, and then select “Me.”

Delete your Instagram account through the website. You can choose the option to “deactivate” or “delete account” under the Notification Settings section. To delete your account permanently, click “Delete my Instagram account” in the section that says “Delete account”. You’ll have to confirm your request. Depending on your account’s security and privacy settings, Instagram may want to keep this information for legal reasons, terms violations, or damage prevention. Using this option takes longer and is not guaranteed.

If you want to delete your Instagram account without password or email, you can contact Instagram customer service. You can reach them through the web or by calling the customer service representative. It is also possible to delete your Instagram account using your mobile browser. However, you’ll need to log in first to remove your account. This process is not possible if you’ve already deleted it from within the app. If you’re unable to log in to the website, you can delete your account by clicking on the link provided in the message.

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